San Francisco Treat!

It was Chris & my 4 year anniversary on April 19th and so we took a quick trip down to San Fancisco and had so much fun! We stayed at some hole-in-the-wall hotel in Little Saigon, but being married to an asian, that was perfect :-) We were super close to Japantown (where they had THE BEST mochi ever!)

Here are a few highlights from our trip:


Any Prison break fans out there? That’s what this reminded us of:


See the hill in the picture? Yeah. We climbed it.

…And then took this guy back down:

A store just for me! Lefty’s unite!

This was what we saw when we were standing RIGHT NEXT TO the Golden Gate Bridge. Not very “goldeny” is she?

So we went to the other side and got some great shots! Yay for the fog/smog leaving!

In Chinatown celebrating part of Chris’ heritage – we also bought a hand painted artwork for our bedroom! I will post a pic soon :-)

And look what we stumbled upon! Totally forgot about my all-time fave show growing up Full House until we saw the Painted Ladies in person!

We had so much fun in San Fran! Would definitely go back but 5 days was way way WAY too short to be able to see it all! Definitely could have gone for 8-10. Guess that means we’ll just have to go back sometime? :-)

August 26, 2012 - 11:18 pm

joanna king - You two crack me up!!!

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