Organizing our “pantry”

We don’t really have a pantry but we do have a corner cupboard that gets just as messy. Check it out:

I decided that with me switching to more “clean” eating this past year, that it was also time to clean out all the bad foods from our cupboard. I basically eat somewhat paleo, all the time. 65% Fat 35% Protein 10% Carbs. Approx :-)

So here is the result:

My three favorite things in my pantry: Jay Robb’s Whey /Egg White Protein Powder, Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup, & Psyllium Husks Powder.

I love Jay Robb’s protein powders because so far he is the only one who doesn’t add anything artificial & sweetens with Stevia. Super healthy. Super clean.

Nature’s Hollow is a great brand of syrup, jams, & other condiments. They use Xylitol as their sweetener which can be another great sugar substitute option. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol, however the “sugar” is exacted from fruits & veggies. Dentists love it because it strengthens the enamel in your teeth and prevents¬†plaque¬†from forming.

Psyllium Husks powder is a great natural fiber & thickener for recipes. I make “cream of wheat” with Psyllium Husks powder, Jay Robb egg white protein, Almond & coconut flours. Drizzle some Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup over and you’ve got a great, high protein, super healthy breakfast! yum :-)

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