We Own a Condo.

So after much considering on what to do for my February project, it ended up choosing itself.

Chris and I own a condo in Wilsonville and our renters just moved out. They were awesome renters but I have to wonder…did they EVER clean? Anything????

The carpet is just old and needs to be replaced but the whole condo just looked SO grimy, dingy, dirty. More than lived in. SO, February project is now updating our condo!

Here are some Before pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Do you see the shadow on the wall? Yeah…that’s not a shadow. I took a wet warm rag and just wiped straight down the walls. It’s dust. :::Kirsten scrunches nose::::

Doesn’t it look like I’m painting the walls instead of wiping them? crazy! We had to wipe down the entire house and nearly every wall was like this. Made me want to go home and wash down OUR walls!

This is the Kitchen floor (left side of pic) and Dining Room floor (right side). This black grime built up in between the tiles and the only thing that would work to clean it (the left side is done so far) is this grout & tile cleaner/resealer – I sprayed it on the floor, let it sit, then took one of those blue scrubby brushes scratchy side down and scrubbed it with my feet. I felt like I was dancing ballet or tap :-) A pain and a LOT of work but I actually found it kind of fun :-) Especially when you have some dance music going!

Just so you can see the Living Room and how terrible the carpet is! Say bye-bye nasty carpet :-) Fortunately Chris and I won’t be installing the new carpet ourselves! :::phew!:::

Me getting ready to paint some trim! At this point I have already finished the walls….Chris had asked them to touch up the paint where needed and I think that because the walls weren’t cleaned, you can see every brush stroke of where they touched up on the walls. They used the correct paint but so strange how that happened….? So with the same paint colors and clean walls, I went back and painted over again. Definitely looking better already!

Hello friends! It’s me happily painting away! I just figure this is practice for when I paint our own bedroom :-)

Say hello to my husband Chris! I haven’t yet introduced him yet so consider this an official introduction :-) He doesn’t like painting nearly as much as I do (ok, not at all) so he’s happy to be cleaning up ready to go back home.


I will try and post “after” photos for you all to see how much better it will look when we are done!


February 21, 2012 - 7:00 am

Beth Lacey-Snow - Wow, Kirsten….. It looks better in the before pictures with you washing the walls! Are you two for hire? I want to do my bedroom. I know, we can swap rooms. I do yours, you do mine. Yea, that’s it!! Then it won’t be a burden or bothersome chore, lol. What day do you have free? Let me know. Loves to you!!

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