House Tour!

Welcome to our home! I thought it was about time to let you see where we live. Some of these photos are older but it’s been so dark and rainy I haven’t been able to get better photos taken. So for now, this will do :-)

Our Living Room: (update: the walls are now green :-)

Dining Room:

The Kitchen: (I LOVE my kitchen!!!)

Master Bedroom: (I have already been working on making it more girly┬áless manly…new blog soon!)

Master Bathroom:

Our Guest Room and Entertainment Room: (well, half of it :-)


We also have a 3rd bedroom that my husband uses as his office and a 2nd bathroom. Which I don’t have photos of. Yet. :-)

I am looking forward to all the different house projects I have planned! So much to do!

Have a fabulous day and thanks for stopping by!

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