Closet Makeover

This is my closet:

Isn’t it terrible?

This is what I want it to look like:

(click the photo to check out 36th Avenue’s awesome blog and DIY projects!
Pure inspiration :-)

Okay so I know the photo is of a mud closet and not a clothes closet, but this is the vibe I am going for. Clean. Simple. Maintainable.

SO I did what any planner would do: RESEARCH.

Here are a few tips I learned that helped me in my closet makeover:

  1. Everything needs to have a “place”
  2. Use closed bins to store clothes and other items. That way even if they aren’t perfectly folded, they are tucked away unseen.
  3. Avoid putting things on the floor. This includes shoes!
  4. Clear plastic bins are a great way to store and stack shoes neatly and still be able to see them well.
  5. On the upper shelf, avoid stacking more than 2 things high.
  6. If you haven’t worn something for one season, toss it. Don’t hold on to it thinking you’ll wear it next year, because it won’t happen.

So, with these 6 things in mind, my closet went from this:


To this!

I had a gift card to Container store where I got these:

I ordered this dress bag on Amazon Prime, to save a few $
Also, I limited myself to 20 shirt hangers and 10 pants/skirt hangers.

The 6 cube white organizer is from Target
The bins I got for buy 1 get 1 free at Fred Meyer to store my folded clothes
and the black & white bag I splurged at Container store
with the little extra $ on my GC,
which i use to store all my scarfs, gloves, small purses, and other loose accessories

My original plan was to reuse my cute black and white flower bins I got from ikea a few years ago, but when I went to get 3 more, they no longer carry them. So instead I moved them to our front closet to store gloves, hats, scarfs, etc. That closet isn’t finished yet either but the bins helped quite a bit already!

The one thing I didn’t have time to do that I really really wanted to do was to paint! I also need to work on the top shelf a little more. But that will just have to wait for another day and another blog post.

Overall I would say that my January project is complete! :-)


January 31, 2012 - 9:32 pm

jeanette - I LOVE IT!!! It looks amazing! Kelly and I were walking around IKEA and thinking how much we love to organize and decorate… but how expensive it is. I love how everything turned out with your 6 simple rules. :)

I am working on getting my site up for “image consulting” to help with the finding the outfit pieces that work and can be reused so we can simplify our closets as far as our outfitting. :) One of the things I have been sharing with my clients is when you are getting rid of your clothes get them to places like divine threads, transitional youth, or the salvation army. :) Get your clothes to people that may not have choices on selection. :)

Anyway… i love your blog and the fantastic work you are doing sweet girl!! :) Looking forward to seeing what else you do. :) Love ya chica!!!

January 31, 2012 - 11:28 pm

Christine Cho - Heey Kirsten! That closet looks amazing. I am embarrassed of mine right now.. lets say it’s got a pile of clothes in it.. impressed with your follow through!! :)

February 3, 2012 - 1:33 am

Kirsten - Hi Jeanette! I checked out your site and it looks awesome! Yes that is a good point to make about donations, I have actually donated all of my clothes to Divine Threads so far (well, the good ones :-) – it’s a great opportunity to give to organizations who help others in need!

February 3, 2012 - 1:34 am

Kirsten - Thanks Christine! It’s a work in progress but getting more done :-)

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