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    My Husband (Chris) and I own our very first house together in Tualatin, Oregon.

    This is where I will (eventually) have all you would want to know about me when I get a moment to decide what to write. For now, this will have to be my reminder :-)

    In the meantime, I hope a little bit of my personality comes out with each blog I post and that you feel at home in our "Center House" :-)

    Have a happy day!

Organizing our “pantry”

We don’t really have a pantry but we do have a corner cupboard that gets just as messy. Check it out:

I decided that with me switching to more “clean” eating this past year, that it was also time to clean out all the bad foods from our cupboard. I basically eat somewhat paleo, all the time. 65% Fat 35% Protein 10% Carbs. Approx :-)

So here is the result:

My three favorite things in my pantry: Jay Robb’s Whey /Egg White Protein Powder, Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup, & Psyllium Husks Powder.

I love Jay Robb’s protein powders because so far he is the only one who doesn’t add anything artificial & sweetens with Stevia. Super healthy. Super clean.

Nature’s Hollow is a great brand of syrup, jams, & other condiments. They use Xylitol as their sweetener which can be another great sugar substitute option. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol, however the “sugar” is exacted from fruits & veggies. Dentists love it because it strengthens the enamel in your teeth and prevents plaque from forming.

Psyllium Husks powder is a great natural fiber & thickener for recipes. I make “cream of wheat” with Psyllium Husks powder, Jay Robb egg white protein, Almond & coconut flours. Drizzle some Nature’s Hollow Maple Syrup over and you’ve got a great, high protein, super healthy breakfast! yum :-)

White White White!

I think that all ceilings should come white. I don’t understand painting them the same color as the walls. Do you?

It took only 2 days for me to finish painting the ceiling! I feel pretty good – and oh my goodness was it an awesome arm workout!

Now I just need to choose a gray so that I can finally start painting the walls and then…stencil!!! So many steps before I am ready for that – but oh so worth it!

The room is ready to paint!


to this!

Here is another before:

And After:

It’s looking less & less like a guy’s room and more & more light & bright! yes! :-)

San Francisco Treat!

It was Chris & my 4 year anniversary on April 19th and so we took a quick trip down to San Fancisco and had so much fun! We stayed at some hole-in-the-wall hotel in Little Saigon, but being married to an asian, that was perfect :-) We were super close to Japantown (where they had THE BEST mochi ever!)

Here are a few highlights from our trip:


Any Prison break fans out there? That’s what this reminded us of:


See the hill in the picture? Yeah. We climbed it.

…And then took this guy back down:

A store just for me! Lefty’s unite!

This was what we saw when we were standing RIGHT NEXT TO the Golden Gate Bridge. Not very “goldeny” is she?

So we went to the other side and got some great shots! Yay for the fog/smog leaving!

In Chinatown celebrating part of Chris’ heritage – we also bought a hand painted artwork for our bedroom! I will post a pic soon :-)

And look what we stumbled upon! Totally forgot about my all-time fave show growing up Full House until we saw the Painted Ladies in person!

We had so much fun in San Fran! Would definitely go back but 5 days was way way WAY too short to be able to see it all! Definitely could have gone for 8-10. Guess that means we’ll just have to go back sometime? :-)

August 26, 2012 - 11:18 pm

joanna king - You two crack me up!!!

Bedroom Makeover Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but I have been working on my projects! Life has been hectic and with wedding season almost here, I wonder how I will manage to balance everything.

In the meantime though our bedroom is looking better & better!

Remember this?

Here is the update! Plus, I will be starting to paint soon! First step: Ceiling (fun I know!) :-)


My New Bedroom Find

I am SUPER excited about my new cupboard / night table!

I have been watching craigslist for the last month or so EVERY DAY – This one was listed for $75 a little more than I was wanting to spend but it had only been listed for 3 hours and the last one got away so I called and it had ALREADY sold also!

Super bummed about that but then this beauty came up for sale for only $30:

When I went to pick it up (it hadn’t sold yet yay!) I realized it is the EXACT same cupboard as the other one, just completely unfinished.

Now it is in our bedroom just waiting for the sun to show up so it can be painted :-)